Wall Street Journal Reacts to Forum’s Rosenberg Trial event

The Wall Street Journal didn’t necessarily like what was said, according to Joseph Rago, but they decidedly added to the dialogue we wish to continue. Check out: http://www.opinionjournal.com/taste/?id=110007878. The question, one might think, is: To what degree do we allow our politics to inform our understanding of art and its commentary? Is a right-wing/left-wing approach (to commentary based on politics) instructive as to the work itself or simply as to the commentator?

Favorite Movies about the Law and the Legal System

In no particular order of excellence, here is a list of films that have explored the relationship between justice and injustice, resolution and revenge, the nature of judgment and the longing for what is just, and the way in which the machinery of the legal system exacts moral and spiritual consequences and compromises on all those buy viagra who come before it. The VerdictTwelve online canadian pharmacy no prescription Angry MenDanielTo Kill A MockingbirdA Few Good MenThe AccusedIn the BedroomThe Devil’s AdvocateSleepersThe Shawshank RedemptionThe RainmakerMystic RiverErin BrockovichA Civil ActionChanging Lanes There are many others. Feel free to write about some of these selections, and those that were left off the list.