Eli Stone: Score One for the Little Guy

What is it about movies or television shows that involve a lawyer defending the little guy? Why is it that we never root for the attorneys representing big business, yet we practically jump out of our movie theater seats to clap for the David-beating-Goliath lawyer, like Rudy Baylor, the character portrayed by Matt Damon played in the 1997 movie, The Rainmaker? In that movie, based on a John Grisham novel, Baylor, a barely-out-of-law-school attorney (he actually takes the Bar exam after he’s taken on a landmark case) wins a monster case against a powerful law firm representing a monster insurance firm, Great Benefit Life Insurance. We rooted for young Rudy Baylor because he uncovered the reckless behavior exhibited by higher-ups at Great Benefit Life Insurance, who ordered their employees to routinely deny every claim for benefits. And just like we rooted for Rudy Baylor, we rooted for the title character

Eli Stone: A Charming Show with a George Michael Soundtrack

Yes, you read right, Eli Stone, the new hit legal drama-comedy (or dramedy, if you like) on ABC, features the music of George Michael in each episode. But that’s not why I started watching it. I mean, I like me some George Michael music of old (and let’s face it, there is no George Michael music of ‘new’,) but my guilty pleasure reasons for giving this show a shot had a lot to do with the fact that Jonny Lee Miller plays the main character, Eli Stone. Miller, otherwise known as Angelina Jolie’s first husband and the actor that played heroin addicted “Sick Boy” in Trainspotting, has always been a favorite of mine. Plus, it helped that the writer’s strike was still in effect and I had had enough of reality shows such as Real Housewives of Orange County to count as my must-see television for the week. (Did I just blogmit that?) Eli Stone features