Eli Stone: Eli Makes Junior Partner

So this isn’t the way I pictured Eli Stone getting “rid” of his brain aneurysm but that’s why someone else gets paid to write the show while I just watch it. Religiously.Ai??Ai?? This past week’s show (April 17) begins with everyone at Stone’s law office treating him gingerly. Being that he’s about to get a dangerous surgery to remove a brain aneurysm, he thinks he’s being given special treatment. Especially when the main partner, Jordan Weathersby, surprises Stone by naming him junior partner, in charge of the firm’s new pro bono division. Of course,Ai??EliAi??accuses Weathersby of giving him preferential treatment, and Jordan just blows it off, as doesAi??everyone else. That’s when I knew something was up with this episode. You see, EliAi??has already had the surgery, only he doesn’t know it as we come to find out later. Meanwhile, a client, played by the brilliant Richard Schiff, known best as

The Law Reporters: Our conversation with Jan Crawford Greenburg, Adam Liptak, Dahlia Lithwick and Jack Ford

Our conversation on April 9th at the Time Warner Center offered yet another stimulating and fun evening at the Forum. Ai??Here are some highlights: We learned, in advance of the public announcement, that Adam Liptak will soon be taking on Linda Greenhouse’s position as the Supreme Court correspondent for the New York Times. There was much stimulating conversation about what makes the legal system so newsworthy. Ai?? Our guests agreed that the aside from the legal system at work, there are individual stories of people Ai??who are affected by the law, compelling stories with great human interest, and it is these stories, more so than the machinery of justice, that drives the public’s interest in the law. Ai??Dahlia Lithwick pointed out that the public is always interested in crime and its relationship to the law, and some of what passes for the public’s appetite for the law is really just

Eli Stone: Matters of the Heart

San Francisco lawyer Eli Stone has a brain aneurysm. The malady has left him with an “annoying” side effect: a few times a day, he’s struck with prophet-like visions or wacky daydreams, depending on how Stone feels like classifying them that day. For better or for worse, these visions give him an idea of what cases he should take on. But the condition, and its pesky side effect, have completely transformed Stone’s life. He dumped his former fiancee and colleague, Taylor, to spare her from the possible pain of losing a lover, although she was willing to stick by him. He’s also on shaky ground with his boss and lead partner for the hot-shot firm that Stone works for, Jordan Wethersby — whom also happens to be Taylor’s father. Recently, Stone found a surgeon who is willing to remove the aneurysm. Though he hasn’t gotten the surgery yet, it’s been