On "24"

By: Steven Penaro This week marked the return of Foxai??i??s hit TV series 24.Ai?? Season 7 starts off with Jack Bauer, the main character, facing criminal charges for torturing several terrorists in years (and seasons) past.Ai?? After Jack listens to the Senator telling him that he violated the due process rights of several of the terrorists, he responds by saying that he is not sorry for what he did and given the chance to go back in time, he would respond the same way.Ai?? Jack realizes that although he may stand in violation of several laws regarding the rights of the alleged terrorists, he knows that what he did was morally right in order to protect the lives of millions of Americans.Ai?? To Jack, the ends justified the means.Ai?? This again is just another example of how the law and the legal system fails to take into account what is

The Justice System as Seen Through an Episode of House

By: Bhumi Zaveri I flipped on the television to a marathon of House episodes, and as addictive as they are I believe I watched five in a row.Ai?? They started with one where Dr. House examines a patient and gives him an unnecessary rectal examination.Ai?? The patient turns out to be a police officer who insists upon an apology from House.Ai?? Being stubborn and obnoxious as he is, House refuses, enraging the officer.Ai?? The storyline in subsequent episodes progresses from the officer arresting House for possession of narcotics (House perpetually takes Vicodin for a leg injury, although many would claim he has an addiction), to a hearing where House’s boss Cuddy lies to keep House out of jail. Beginning with the first of these episodes, when House refuses to apologize, the police officer becomes obsessed with him and goes out of his way to inculpate him.Ai?? He goes after his