Remembering Andrew Sarris

The legendary film critic Andrew Sarris died on June 20 at age 83. Widely known as a champion of the auteur theory, which views a film as a personal vision articulated by the director, Sarris was a film critic at the Village Voice and New York Observer. In addition, he wrote numerous books on film including “The American Cinema: Directors and Directions (1929-1968)” — a proposal of his list of the “pantheon” of directors who had worked in America; taught film at numerous universities including Columbia and Yale; and has been cited as an influence by some of the most well-known film critics of today, including J. Hoberman, Kenneth Turan, Richard Corliss, and Armond White. He was also the husband of 2008 Forum Film Festival guest Molly Haskell, a film critic for publications including Vogue and New York Magazine. She appeared at the Forum to discuss “Adam’s Rib” with fellow