Street Justice? Law Student Execution

By S. Montfort On December 11, 2012 blocks away from Fordham University School of Law Brandon Lincoln Woodward was murdered execution style in broad daylight. Ai??Brandon a 2003 graduate from Loyola Marymount University, a law student at Whittier Law School, and a father to his four years old daughter was a Los Angles man who booked a one-way ticket from California to New York. Police still have no idea what Brandon was doing in the city. Brandon has somewhat of questionable past because of his numerous run-ins with the law. Brandon had at least 20 arrests in the last 8 years on charges including cocaine possession, armed robbery, and grand theft. In this mob-style murder, the killer waited for Brandon for about 30 minutes before he checked out of his hotel. Once Brandon arrived he checked his phone and walked around as if he was looking for an address. Brandon

Mr. McConnell Goes to Washington: Filibuster Perversity

By Rob S. Last week in Washington, as fiscal cliff negotiations stalled and the deadline for a deal crept closer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell proffered a potential solution on the Senate floor. McConnell moved for a vote on legislation that would authorize President Obama to extend the national debt limit without congressional approval. Ai??Apparently, McConnell’s intent was something other than passage of his proposal, because when Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid accepted the idea for a vote, McConnell did something extraordinary. He filibustered his own proposal. Cut to Jimmy Stewart on the Senate floor in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Ai??In the 1939 film, Stewart’s character uses the filibuster to orate with superhuman endurance, defending his innocence and exposing political corruption. The contrast with McConnell’s performance last week aptly describes how the filibuster has been perverted: a procedural mechanism once intended to ensure that debate over a topic could

Seeking Truth Beyond Self Preservation

G.JeanBaptisteAi?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai??Ai?? At Fordham Media & Entertainment Law Society Film Festivalai??i??s Opening Night, I was captivated by the first episode of the HBO TV miniseries John Adams. The movie told the story of a relentlessly principled man, bound in all his decisions by his love and respect for the law. Throughout the entirety of the movies, the episode took the viewer on a nerve-racking journey through the difficult decisions and complex mind of John Adams. However, even through conflicting emotions and tension filled scenes, the viewer was constantly reminded of Adamsai??i?? almost unnatural unwavering commitment to the law- the truth- regardless of the consequences. His adherence to the law went beyond what many would consider an inherent human inclination towards self-preservation in the face of great danger. In deciding to defend the British army, against

Holocaust Denial in Germany

By Lukas E. Holocaust denial is illegal in 17 countries throughout west and central Europe. Across the Atlantic, where freedom of speech seems to be sacrosanct, that point sometimes seems to bring up confusion. As someone from a concerned country, I will try to explain. There are historical reasons why Nazism became a crime in some European countries, and there are reasons why it still remains one. After World War II, Germany had a bit of a problem. Admittedly, it had more than one problem. But among short food supplies and an infrastructure that consisted mainly of rubble and craters loomed the question: What do we do with all the leftover Nazis? The leading brass, the war criminals and mass murderers, went to NA?rnberg and were dealt with. But they were only the tip of a big ai???Nazi icebergai???. There had been several levels of administration in all fields that

Israelai??i??s Self-Defense

By Marc Switzer Israel has been living under fire now for four yearsai??i??full stop.Ai?? Rockets have bombarded Israeli town and cities a ridiculous amount of times outside the context of a full scale war between two nations. In fact, I donai??i??t believe there is precedent in history for the situation that has developed between Hamas and Israel in the last five year.Ai?? A sovereign nationai??i??s citizens are being attacked by heavy military grade weaponry on a regular basis without being in outright state of of war.Ai?? The patience Israel citizens have displayed under this barrage of terror is truly astounding. Israel under any notion of morality and/or international law has a right to defend herself from these attacksai??i??full stop. However, that said, as sad as it is, I truly donai??i??t believe that in defending herself militarilyai??i??(i.e. Troops on the ground and air strikes) Israel will ever be able to bring

Rocking the Boat: Justice in Billy Budd

By Reed Kristovich Herman Melvilleai??i??s short story Billy Budd addresses the themes of law, executive power, and the balance between them. The common fear shared by those in power is a loss of control. Those who desire a break from control will ruin stability for all others; a stability that once lost is difficult to recollect. The isolation of the ship in Billy Budd, the Bellipotent and the threat of a mutiny on board emphasizes the dangers of loss of control. In such a remote and concentrated setting, order must be maintained to insure the safety of all. Billy Budd, pressed into serving on the Bellipotent, is illustrated as an innocent and well-liked character known as the ai???Handsome He was good at his job, friendly with the crew, and posed a threat to no one. Being an honorable and good-natured man, Billy Budd was distressed and agitated when Claggart

A Second Hand Emotion

By L.S. Hallgren I had been thinking about love and sex for a long time, long before Daniel and thick-thighed Phyllis brought their cruel comes and electric brutality to my attention. It could be said that Danielai??i??s neanderthalistic observations of his wife, with all her robust breeding qualities and fleshy rolling tundras, are the result of his attempt at love. Perhaps Daniel is limited, damaged by the execution of his parents and subsequent lack of a childhood. I could agree with that. I would be willing to accept that Daniel might actually, in a broken, unclean way, love Phyllis. The real problem for me is that he doesnai??i??t just like rough sex and a little smacking around. Daniel likes to hurt. Daniel likes to scare. Daniel likes to push the accelerator down and force Phyllis to take her pants off with their child in the backseat. The point was raised

Here’s An Idea

By C.P. Hereai??i??s an idea: Instead of letting Jared Loughner (the 23 year old who killed six people and wounded 13 including former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords during a shooting spree in Tuscon) plea to life in prison, the government should have made Mr. Loughner stand trial. Many people might think that this is a preposterous suggestion. Ai??Some might ask, ai???Why should Arizonians be forced to endure a difficult and potentially lengthy trial? Ai??Isnai??i??t it better just to put this matter to rest as quickly as possible?ai??? Ai??Others might attack the usefulness of a trial by pointing out ai???a trial is not going to bring those killed back from the Ai??Attorney General Eric Holder and U.S. Attorney for Arizona, John Leonardo gave these explanations, respectively, when asked to comment on Loughnerai??i??s plea deal. ( Although a trial will not bring the dead back to their loved ones, it might