After Primary Upset, Eric Cantor To Step Down As House Majority Leader

After losing the Republican primary election for the Seventh District of Virginia, Eric Cantor (Rai??i??VA) will be stepping down from his role as House Majority Leader. Cantor, a rising star in the Republican Party, announced Wednesday that his resignation would be effective July 31, in a primary election loss he called a “personal setback.”Ai??David Brat, his opponent, is an economics professor whose victory many are attributing to the increased sway of the Tea Party. Cantor was twice a guest of the Forum, having visited us in 2010 and, more recently, in SeptemberAi??2013. In a discussion at the 92nd Street Y with Forum Director Thane Rosenbaum, he spoke about the then-hot-button issue of the Syrian crisis, his experience as a Jewish Republican leader, and, of course, the growing influence of the Tea Party in national politics. A video of the entire discussion is posted below, courtesy of the 92nd Street