Right Place Wrong Time

ai???Soccerai??? as we Americans refer to it, is simply another sport within our society that has its share of leagues, clubs, and fanatics. In Brazil, however, it is their societyai??i??it embodies all that is Brazil. Brazilians live to play and watch soccer, it is in their blood. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is being held in Brazil for the first time since 1950. Yet, surprisingly, a poll taken in Brazil to determine whether Brazilians actually wanted to host the World Cup showed that 52% of the population was against it. It seems that there is more to the country than scoring goals.Ai?? Many Brazilians framed the World Cup within the context of human rights and handed out yellow cards to a government that cared more about enabling the worldai??i??s obsession with soccer than with taking care of its own people. Brazil, already crime filled country, in hosting the World Cup

Forum makes Above The Law, Jeopardy

Above the Law, a leading blog on legal education, has posted a piece noting the Forum’s recent move to NYU Law. It lauds the Forum for hosting “such luminaries as President Bill Clinton and [Supreme Court] Justice Sonia Sotomayor,” and for being an institution that goes “beyond the casebooks to look at broader social and cultural issues.” It also quotes Dean Trevor Morrison: I am very pleased to welcome the Forum on Law, Culture & Societ. Our curriculum emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of law, and Thaneai??i??s programs, with their rich array of people and topics, will amplify that theme, both for members of the NYU Law community and for the public. Meanwhile, Ai??Jeopardy! recently asked a contestant about former Governor Mario Cuomo’s decision to join the Forum last fall for a screening ofAi??The Godfather, lifting his 40-year ban on seeing the film. Those of you who were in attendance can