2014 Film Festival Guest Ayaan Hirsi Ali On The Israelai??i??Hamas Conflict

Somalian refugee and women’s-rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali recently gave an interview toAi??Israel Hayom, in which she defended Israel’s right to fight Hamas, argued that Benjamin Netanyahu should receive a Nobel Peace Prize, and asserted that no peaceful solution between Israel and Hamas will be possible so long as Hamas’ “philosophy on life and death” persists. Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia, where she faced the horrors of radical Islam first-hand before she gained asylum in the Netherlands. She will be a guest speaker at the Forum Film Festival for the screening of her 2004 filmAi??Submission; its director, Theo van Gogh, was tragically murdered in retaliation for the film’s portrayal of the violence committed against women in the radical Muslim world. In the interview, Hirsan Ali discusses the growth of extremist violence following 9/11, arguing that critics of Israel will be forced toAi??reconsider the danger as radical Islam spreads to