The Esteemed Character of President Obama

With the race for the 2016 Presidential Election being one of character, with regards to favorability amongst society, we must ask ourselves what are the intrinsic values that we look for in our president? President Barack Obama is regarded as one of the most influential politicians of all times. Being able to lend his voice to the people, champion their cause, and bring them into the political arena is a decisive means of him sharing accountability, in addition to gaining the respect of the general public. From one of his earlier speech President Obama tells the crowd “starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin the work of remaking America.” (Weebly, 2016) With the list of his accomplishments since his inauguration in 2008, reaching 358 we can attest that he has stayed the course with remaking America. Some of his top accomplishments include: The nuclear agreement with Iran; rebuilding our relationship with Cuba; cracking down on Wall Street with new regulations; salvaging the American auto industry; executing his duty as Commander in Chief with ordering the raid to annihilate Osama bin Laden; repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the military; and legalizing same-sex marriage. With our American auto industry and power plants, he has taken a forceful stand against auto efficiency and power plant emission. To combat the effects on climate change, President Obama recently signed a historic agreement in Paris committing every nation on earth to make the necessary changes to minimize the use of carbon emissions. It should be strongly noted that since the economy tanked in 2010, President Obama has created over 14 million private sector jobs. A president who is decisive in making decisions through ethical and moralistic convictions has integrity. About the president, Malcom Friedberg, a licensed attorney and Silicon Valley CEO wrote, ”That’s the man I want to run my country: the man who has the courage to do what’s best for all of us, and not to compromise because it provides him with some short-term gain. Show me the man that will risk losing the election because he won’t compromise his values, and I’ll show you the man that deserves the right to be called the President of the United States of America.” (Friedberg, 2011) President Obama’s journey in the White House to be an effective president has not been a bed of roses and often partisan politicians in congress has harshly criticized the president, taking on a negative dimension, ironically highlighting the destructive character of the congressional body. Some of the caustic behavior used by the congressional body to soil President Obama’s character includes: The birther movement, an unusual propagation that rumored the president’s illegitimacy as a native born American; his name Barack Hussein Obama being linked to terrorism and subsequently an accomplice with extreme Jihadism, an act of treason; requesting to see his transcript at Harvard Law in order to prove his qualifications as Commander in Chief, a disrespect that no president before him faced; and finally the venomous attack on his race. Within one year of his presidency, ABC News compiled a sea of racially motivated remarks and explicitly racist proclamations or actions ensued against the president. Ironically reflecting what stands as the value of American democracy, these came from the government’s election and party officials, in addition to prominent media figures. The years followed “include a New Hampshire police commissioner using the "N" word to refer to the president, a Montana federal district judge sending racist emails, and many others.” (Netter, 2010) President Obama has a strong quality of perseverance and confidence. In addition to compassion, energy, and self-awareness, he has the ability to listen, surrounding himself with a cabinet who thinks differently than he does in order to make sound decisions. This president demonstrates a character of fearlessness. Obama inherited two devastating wars, tackled one of greatest economic crisis in American history, minimized our multi-trillion dollar debt, rebuild international relationships while strengthening America’s foreign policy, reintroduced the legacy of black family values to an international audience, handled criticism from top governmental officials with class, improved the social construct of American democracy, and gained the respect of partisan politicians. This president is one of esteemed character. To win the confidence of the American people, the incumbent president will have to demonstrate similar character attributes and prove itself as an upward vehicle for the people, ensuring the demands of improving the lives of civil society. Works Cited Friedberg, M. (2011, 05 25). Huffpost Politics. Retrieved from obamas-integrity_b_92750.html Netter, S. (2010, 01 27). Racism in Obama’s America One Year Later. Retrieved from ABC News: america-year/story?id=9638178 PCTC. (2016, 05 26). Retrieved from Weebly. (2016, 05 26). Retrieved from Jscd-cl- By Damion Rochester

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