US/Iran relations: How is the fight for democracy in Iran affected by who becomes the President of the United States?

Some analysts believe that there are no elements of democracyai??i??such as liberalism, individualism, and pluralismai??i??in Iran and that Iranian society could not accept democracy so far without those elements. While these factors are important in a democratic society, Ai??it is important to know that Iranian society also does not accept oppression, the suppression of ideas, self-indulgence, and other aspects of dictatorship. In fact, Iranians have fought against despotism throughout their history. The history of democracy in Iran began in 1906 when the Iranian constitutionalists pushed the government to accept modernity and democracy. For the first time, the government formed a parliament and recognized the freedom of speech. At that point, civil society was shaped by the establishment of various new non-governmental organizations, such as the Iranian Journalistsai??i?? Union. After going through many conflicts, the 1979 Revolution happened with the resolution of having a democratic government instead of a Shahai??i??s semi-monarchy.