Broadway Review

Be a Good Little Widow

Jill Eikenberry, an American actress best known as the lawyer Ann Kelsey in L.A. Law, will star in Bekah Brunstetter’s Be a Good Little Widow, which will be performed at Ars Nova.Ai?? Previews run from April 20 through May 1, 2011.Ai?? The opening is scheduled for May 2, 2011, and the show will run through May 14, 2011.Ai?? Ms. Eikenberry plays Hope, a seasoned mourner and mother-in-law to Melody, a young wife turned widow.Ai??Ai?? As Melody, played by Wrenn Schmidt, confronts the difficult “mourning” terrain, Hope guides her through, using her experience in mourning to shepherd the younger woman. Ars Nova describes the show in the following manner: “Melody thought being a young wife was hard, until she became a widow. Luckily her mother-in-law, Hope, is a professional ? mourner, that is. Navigating the prickly terrain of pressed black dresses, well-intended advice and inappropriate outbursts, Melody stumbles toward understanding what