Film Series

3rd Annual FOLCS Awards Night

  • November 6, 2014

  • Post-screening Conversation with
  • finalist filmmakers, audience voting, and awards presentation

This free event included a post-screening discussion with finalist filmmakers, audience voting, and awards presentation.

The FOLCS Awards Night plays host to emerging filmmakers, screening a diverse set of legally themed shorts from around the world. This is the closing night of the festival and will include a red carpet and an awards presentation for Best Short, 2nd and 3rd places, and Best Screenplay. Additionally, members of the audience will have the opportunity to vote on which short will receive the Audience Favorite Award. In keeping with Forum Film Festival tradition, the finalist filmmakers have been invited to participate in a post-screening discussion about their films.

2014 Finalists: 

Best Short and Best Screenplay
From the Sky: A humble father and his troubled son struggle to cope with the effect of drones in the Middle East. 
Drama/Coming of age, Washington / Director: Ian Ebright

2nd Place
Six: When one of Dumbo’s toy cars drops in a hole, he reaches to it and finds something else. Unaware of the dangers of his new-found toy, he tries to see just how this fascinating object works.
Drama, New York / Director: Frank Jerky

3rd Place
Welcome Yankee: Amant and Aslan are persecuted, isolated from and forgotten by the rest of the world. On the other side of the Earth flies a beacon of hope.
Drama, Canada / Director: Benoit Desjardins

3rd Place and Outstanding Female Filmmaker
Zugzwang in German means obligation to move. There is a moment in life where you know you have to make a decision, but the best thing to do would be not to make any move. But… you must.
Dramedy, California / Director: Yolanda Centeno

Audience Favorite
Bully Fighters: A passionate attorney takes three teens to court for bullying on manslaughter charges after they bullied a girl into committing suicide.
Drama, Canada / Director, Writer & Producer: Jupiter J. Makins / Producer & Lead Actress: Patricia McKenzie

Other 2014 Finalists

Kenny is desperately searching for his drug-addicted son, but finds something more than a social problem on his way.

Drama, Panama / Director: Gianni Waith / Producer: Evans Córdoba

Relics: A salesman tries to sell his miraculous cleaning machine to a sick woman and her skeptical daughter, on the day the woman asked her daughter to help her end her life.
Dramedy, New York / Director: Jennie Allen

About the Forum International Short Film Competition:

The Forum on Law, Culture & Society’s annual International Short Film Competition was created in 2011 in conjunction with the annual Forum Film Festival. Independent and aspiring filmmakers from around the globe are invited to submit original short films on a legal theme. Entrants are free to construe this theme broadly and choose any subject in which the relationship between law, justice, and society can be fashioned into a unique visual story. The films can be about rights that have been denied, harms that have gone unaddressed, courtroom decisions that are in desperate need of an appeal, government regulations and statutes that are fundamentally unfair, or attempts to express what “justice” really means. (e.g., documentary, drama, animation, comedy) is permitted.


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