Film Series

6th Annual FOLCS Awards Night

  • March 29, 2018

  • Post-screening Conversation with Finalist Filmmakers
Featured a screening of the finalists’ films of the FOLCS International Short Film Competition. 

FOLCS International Short Film Competition 2018 Finalists and Award Winners were: 
                                      Are You Volleyball?!                       (Iran)                       (Best Short/Best Screenplay/Audience Favorite)

                                      Pale Mirrors                                     (Iran)                       (2nd Place)
Pablo                                               (Belgium)                  (3rd Place)
                                      The Butterfly                                  (Canada)                   (Outstanding Woman Filmmaker)
                                      The Fabric of America            (United States)              (Young Filmmaker)
                                      She                                              (United States)              (Finalist)  
                                      NAMJOO                                   (United States)              (Finalist)

This FREE event included a red carpet, post-screening discussion with finalist filmmakers, audience voting, and awards presentation.

The FOLCS Awards Night plays host to emerging filmmakers, screening a diverse set of legal-themed shorts from around the world. This is the closing night of the competition and will include a red carpet and an awards presentation for Best Short, 2nd and 3rd places, Outstanding Woman Filmmaker, Young Filmmaker, and Best Screenplay. Additionally, members of the audience will have the opportunity to vote on which short will receive the Audience Favorite Award. In keeping with FOLCS Film Series tradition, at this red-carpet event, the finalist filmmakers have been invited to and will participate in a post-screening discussion about their films.

FOLCS believes that film is a powerful way to address issues of injustice and human rights. Movies and documentaries, beyond being entertaining, can be enlightening; they can be a catalyst for conversation and a call for social change. The International Short Film Competition seeks to give a platform to these emerging voices.

About the FOLCS International Short Film Competition:

The Forum on Law, Culture & Society’s annual International Short Film Competition was created in 2011 in conjunction with the annual FOLCS Film Series. Independent and aspiring filmmakers from around the globe are invited to submit original short films on a legal theme. Entrants are free to construe this theme broadly and choose any subject in which the relationship between law, justice, and society can be fashioned into a unique visual story. The films can be about rights that have been denied, harms that have gone unaddressed, courtroom decisions that are in desperate need of an appeal, government regulations and statutes that are fundamentally unfair, or attempts to express what “justice” really means. (e.g., documentary, drama, animation, comedy) is permitted.

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About the Film Festival

The annual FOLCS Film Series offers you a unique opportunity to watch and discuss movies dealing with legal themes, with a box of popcorn in hand and surrounded by a large friendly audience (most of whom are not lawyers, so you don’t need to know any legalese). Featuring an exciting mix of current blockbusters, classic favorites, documentaries, and independent movies over seven nights, the Film Festival illuminates the legal system with all of its triumphs, failures, moral dilemmas, and dramatic moments.

Each movie is followed by a post-screening discussion with renowned artists, writers, public intellectuals, government leaders, and members of the legal profession who have a particular connection to the film. Explore how the themes of justice and injustice continue to inspire the artistic imagination. Hear interesting stories and anecdotes. Get answers to your questions. And share your own ideas and viewpoints.

Additionally, the Forum invites filmmakers from across the globe to submit an original short film on a legal theme. The judges’ top picks are shown, discussed, and celebrated at the FOLCS Awards Night during the closing night of the Film Festival where the winning films receive the FOLCS Awards. The International Short Film Competition offers aspiring filmmakers an opportunity to be viewed by renowned judges and the Forum’s audience, who take part in the festivities by voting for the Audience Favorite Award—all taking place in New York City.